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Designer Everett Hoag and Fountain Street Creative

Established by long-time NYC designer and performance artist Everett Hoag in 2001, FSC is an award-winning high-end art and design company in Providence, RI. The firm works in the rapidly growing design industry at many touch-points for corporations, celebrities, and other high-profile clients.  

As seen on Style Network, CNN, Bravo and in WWW, Forbes, Crain’s, Town & Country, NY Times, Boston Globe


Art speaks to our soul to unlock the mind and generate excitement

Design is not so much something which you do occasionally behind closed doors or in the space behind your closed eyes, but a way of living your life – a way of approaching the world you move through and everything in it with magic.  We're always exploring to keep you engaged with current digital , marketing and event trends. 

Wearable Fiber and Millinery Art / Brand Experiences / Over-the-Top Event Design / Entertainment / Costume Rental / Stage Shows  / Team Development / STEM Workshops and Curriculum for Schools



Advice to New Artists

"Believe in yourself and your work. Explore as many forms as you can. Discover art comes from inside and as long as you have the skills, true art will emerge. Keep creating and create what is true to you, never stop or be discouraged by what others say… Designers — we make the world more beautiful. More functional. Safer. More special. The more of ‘you’ that goes into your work, the more original it becomes; there’s something magical about that.”  - Everett Hoag

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Designing your dreams – Where It All Begins

Beautiful fashion begins with a seed of inspiration… Imagined by you. Made by Everett. Custom fashions that are as individual as a fingerprint, as different as you.  We do have an exhibition collection of millinery and vintage-inspired apparel we are happy to show on runways and for use in photo shoots. 



Transmedia Storytelling at many touch-points - Everett's design/build company, Fountain Street Creative (FSC) creates immersive, customized experiences anywhere:  online, in real life... or in both. Dedicated to inspired marketing concepts, event design, content development, and production - from trade shows and sales meetings to award shows and themed galas.   



VIP Costume Rental Collection

Providing you with fashions from our extensive deluxe Costume Collection that spans centuries. Elegant historic finery, fancy ballgowns and outrageous fantasy outfits. Design/Build/Rental. 35+ years’ experience designing entertainment in film, television, fashion, event design, opera, dance, theater. Wigs, makeup, masks.



We thrive on creating fully immersive experiences and other-worldly environments offering a menu of top-class Interactive Entertainment modules in our deluxe Broadway-level costumes. We also provide costume rental for groups and individuals. With 24/7 access to our production facility and costume collection we have become, 'The House of Yes, We Can!'

Ours is a tight-knit community of action-makers and performing artists who collaborate to add Wow Factor to events — and we can create in record time. Needless to say, we work with only the best wowing people to make your entertainment program something special. 



Inspiring Design Thinking — Why Creatives Need to Become Thinkers and Makers


Signature Residency Programs designed by teaching artists regularly updated based on feedback from students in our programs incorporating new materials, ideas, and suggestions. 

· Instruct students with differing needs.

· Build 21st century skills: Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication

· Engage students in hands-on activities that encourage active learning that are back-mapped from STEM and career readiness standards.

Connecting through Design


  “My mom told me to remember to love people and use things, never the other way around. This may seem pretty simple and logical. Yet there are times we may want to do the reverse."


Focus on Detail

Our design stories have emerged by pursuing the things we love, and those pursuits have intersected in unexpected ways. The following are a collection of driving ideas, values, inventions and curiosities that we continuously explore. Some are big ideas, some are tiny details—together these curiosities fuel our passion for connecting through design.

Make the world more beautiful one design at a time


“I am not an artist who can be pinned down to one form or style of design. You can't put me in a box that I can't break myself out of. I just change my approach to design for each project, no limitations... I see the arts being used as communication between the body and the soul to express what is too deep for words.” 

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Designer Everett Hoag

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