We Value Creativity, Intuition, and Street-Smarts

Shared ideas

Everett Hoag and the FSC team value a working atmosphere of respect, cooperation, support, and friendliness, especially in situations of diverse and opposing opinions. With five different service categories under one roof, we appreciate and utilize our collective and individual strengths. Our shared creativity, ideas and information deliver flexible solutions to our clients and resolve problems effectively. 

Every day we anticipate, advocate and openly communicate with clients to meet their needs. We challenge ourselves to achieve innovative answers for project challenges.


How do you experience a world that doesn't yet exist (and design for it)?

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Here at FSC design is the intersection of intuition, art, technology, economics and environment. We craft inspiring, functional, and beautiful designs that people are drawn to and add positively to our busy world. 

We seek to include contextual, historical, physical, cultural, social, and environmental influences and employ innovative use of forms and materials. We thoroughly embrace the principles of sustainability and green design and we feel that a design is successful when our clients are thrilled and we have left a lasting and positive imprint on those who observe and experience the results.


FSC designs and concepts are created through a collaborative approach for film, television, special event, commercials, new media, conventions, sales meetings, and theatre. 

The FSC team has expertise managing the following areas: 

  • WOW-FACTOR Marketing Campaigns for Commercial and Fashion Print; Runway, Showroom, Special Event 
  • Design Artists (Creative Directors, Costume Designers, Lighting and Set Designers
  • Production Teams (Directors, Writers, Choreographers, Casting, Multimedia Specialists; Hair, Makeup & Clothing Stylists, Cameramen, Photographers, and Prop Stylists)
  • Design work begins with creativity and the establishment of the conceptual program inspired by each client’s goals and aspirations for event experiences. 
  • Our 'project-oriented' philosophy produces work that supports the overall program, not individual statements.

It’s not just what your audience will see... 

It’s what they will feel.

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